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A year into this little endeavor and the box of plastic lobsters is gone. I remember buying them thinking I would most likely have plastic lobsters in a box in my basement for the rest of my life. It’s time to think about the longevity of this project. Investors, small biz loan, overseas production, wait a minute maybe I need something else. Something to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive, the possibility of failure as inconceivable or at least embarrassing as hell.
A tattoo, I have always wanted one but been afraid I would have to stay out of the water for a week which would most likely coincide with an incredible swell. So before I think brand big picture maybe I need to think about this brand, and think small picture. Like on the back of my ankle, just below the neck line of a t-shirt. I mean if I believe in this thing shouldn’t I be willing to live the brand everyday.



One comment

  1. Tim Weldon

    I think the Lobstar shape is perfect for the back calf. Starting low and narrow and then spreading out across the calf.

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