Serendipity & Small business

As I came home from bringing my daughters to the local crystal dolphin purveyor, I noticed my Sister-in-law, my nephew Patrick and my Mom walking onto the beach.  We stopped and I thought it would be worth bringing a couple of Lobstars out onto the beach for a potential Photo Op.  Well, turns out some other ecentric folks in the area had fashioned a make-shift Christmas Tree out of a piece of timber that had floated onto the beach.  Shells balancing from branches old crab claws jammed onto nubs of an old pine.

These are the sort of things that make us believe in this idea.  Not to mention the fact that there are more than 120 of these things gracing trees nationwide.

Will this be the Year?

So for the past two seasons we have been making these things.  Each year I have bought all the supplies and thought I would be sitting here around now thinking I will have Lobstars in my basement forever.  But here it is December 15 and we are sold out.  So the biggest question is does it remain a small little business, do we go out and find a partner, do we find the money and partner with someone overseas directly. Do we fill a container? Do we call up