Serendipity & Small business

As I came home from bringing my daughters to the local crystal dolphin purveyor, I noticed my Sister-in-law, my nephew Patrick and my Mom walking onto the beach.  We stopped and I thought it would be worth bringing a couple of Lobstars out onto the beach for a potential Photo Op.  Well, turns out some other ecentric folks in the area had fashioned a make-shift Christmas Tree out of a piece of timber that had floated onto the beach.  Shells balancing from branches old crab claws jammed onto nubs of an old pine.

These are the sort of things that make us believe in this idea.  Not to mention the fact that there are more than 120 of these things gracing trees nationwide.

Will this be the Year?

So for the past two seasons we have been making these things.  Each year I have bought all the supplies and thought I would be sitting here around now thinking I will have Lobstars in my basement forever.  But here it is December 15 and we are sold out.  So the biggest question is does it remain a small little business, do we go out and find a partner, do we find the money and partner with someone overseas directly. Do we fill a container? Do we call up

The Official Christmas Tree Provider of The Lobstar

Last year I stopped by Ice House Christmas Trees and met the owner Eric and mentioned selling The Lobstar there.  We’ll after the Turkey yesterday I received an email from said Christmas Tree purveyor, and low and behold there are now 4 of these Lobstars sitting there waiting to be part of your Christmas tradition.  Thanks Eric for being willing to have us and I hope the Christmas Season is full of good tidings.


Patience is a virtue — And much appreciated .

This whole small business thing has so many great benefits, but with it comes an incredible amount of trust from the customer.  People place orders and then you need to fullfill them.  Only issue is Christmas stuff isn’t around all year long, and finding the Lobsters is not exactly that easy either.

Last year I found myself in dire need of stars and travelling to every Home Depot or any other store trying to buy up as many stars as i could.  This year it was trying to find a vendor to buy them directly. Once we found a supplier it took months to get them to the Lobstarfactory. 

So this post goes out to the folks that purchased Lobstars months ago, thank you for working with us, and understanding we make these things ourselves.  From the star, to threading the pipecleaners through the body of the opaque Lobstar(which I have gotten much better at), to screenprinting the boxes, then wrapping them and shipping them. Thank you for supporting us, and after a weekend of making a bunch we actually have quite a few in stock. 


March Forward | Loading the traps | Rockport

March is here, St Paddy’s is only a few days from now.  So we taped a Lobstar sign on the car and went for a drive out to the Atlantic. This song came onto the radio, and it seemed appropriate to share.  Some facts about this track “The song’s title appears nowhere in its lyrics; it is more easily remembered by the first line of chorus: “Stop, children, what’s that sound?”. It was/is known as a protest song, but  theres none of that sentiment in this moment, more just sharing a glimpse of what happens when you love what your making, and have a chance to stop and look at whats going down.


March Forward | Lobstar Season Opening Soon from Chris Brady on Vimeo.